About Us

How we started

Established in 1974, the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association, Inc. (PBGEA) is a non-stock corporation that serves as the central coordinating agency for the development and the advancement of the banana export industry in the Philippines. The PBGEA serves as the self-regulatory forum for the big players in the industry to ensure compliance to international quality standards, continued competitiveness in the global market, to undertake and promote research for technological innovations, and to look after the welfare of all those involved in the industry. Now composed of 22 companies and their subsidiaries, plus two (2) affiliates, the operations of its members cover 15 provinces in Southern Philippines (Mindanao). The roster includes Filipino-owned firms and multinational corporations. 


Presently, the total production area is 43, 647 hectares or approximately 50% of the total area planted with Cavendish bananas in the country.


Science-based technologies are being adopted to ensure that the environment and the health of workers, consumers and communities are not compromised. All members are accredited by various auditing and certifying organizations such as Global Good Agricultural Practices (GlobalGAP), different ISO certifications, Rainforest Alliance, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Fairtrade among others.


The freshly-picked bananas are packed in 13-kg and 18-kg boxes or according to the preference of the importer (ex. pack of 4 fingers, 1 hand, etc.) on the very same day these are shipped out to its destinations. All packing houses where the bananas are prepared are duly accredited by the national quarantine office as to phytosanitary measures and quality standards.

Our People


Victor S. Mercado, JR.

Chairman, Marsman Estate Plantation, Inc.

Vicente R. Floirendo

President, Tagum Agricultural Development Co., Inc.

Juan Carlos Madrigal Gutierrez

VP for International Relations, Del Monte Fresh Produce Phil., Inc.

Stephen A. Antig

Executive Director, PBGEA

Beatriz N. Francia

Coordinator, Banana Export Industry Foundation

William N. Leh

Pres. CEO, Tristar Group of Banana Companies