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  • The Philippines is the 2nd¬†largest exporter of bananas in the World.
  • Fresh banana is the top agricultural export of the Philippines

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Established in 1974, the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association, Inc. (PBGEA) is a non-stock corporation that serves as the central coordinating agency for the development and the advancement of the banana export industry in the Philippines. The PBGEA serves as the self-regulatory forum for the big players in the industry to ensure compliance to international quality standards, continued competitiveness in the global market, to undertake and promote research for technological innovations, and to look after the welfare of all those involved in the industry. Now composed of 22 companies and their subsidiaries, plus two (2) affiliates, the operations of its members cover 15 provinces in Southern Philippines (Mindanao). The roster includes Filipino-owned firms and multinational corporations. 

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Our Officers

Set of Officers and Trustees, 2022-2023

Victor S. Mercado, JR.

Marsman Estate Plantation, Inc.


Vicente R. Floirendo

Tagum Agricultural Development Co., Inc.


Luis Felipe Sancho Calvo

Del Monte Fresh Produce Phil., Inc.

VP for International Relations


Unifrutti Tropical Phil., Inc.

VP for National Affairs

Edwin T. Fabregar

Lapanday Foods Corp.

VP for Administration


Corporate Secretary

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We Produce World-Class Bananas

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WE are PBGEA and WE will HEAL as ONE!!
WE are PBGEA and WE will HEAL as ONE!!

With over 172,000 employees employed, we provide daily sustenance, economic opportunities, and decent means of living to thousands of families. We provide scholarship for their children, livelihood and extra means of income to the spouses, and low cost housing programs to our workers. Because we do not just grow bananas, WE GROW FAMILIES.

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