Philippine Cavendish: from Mindanao to the World

Nov 15, 2019

An AVP of the Philippine Banana Export Industry showcasing the number one fruit export of the Philippines – the cavendish.

The Philippines is now the top banana exporter in Asia and the second-biggest in the world.

“The Philippine banana export industry is an industry where we have proven that the Philippines can be the best in the world.

We have been recognized as one of the most efficient banana producing countries, offering the highest quality standard in terms of taste and aesthetic appearance.”

These bananas thrive best in the southern island of Mindanao. Blessed with vast rich land, even rainfall, abundant sunlight, excellent water, and gentle winds, Mindanao is most ideal for growing these delicious and nutritious breakfast table staple.

Cutting edge research has given the Cavendish variety that distinctive naturally Philippine taste.

Ten to 12 weeks on the field after bagging, the matured bananas are harvested.

These are cleaned and carefully inspected and selected, making sure that only the best Philippine Cavendish bananas get to the export market.

These golden sweet produce are loaded on to climate controlled shipping containers to their final destinations to consumers all over the world who continue to enjoy that distinct sweet, custardy taste of Philippine Cavendish.

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More than 3 million individuals are dependent on the banana export industry for their basic needs and self-esteem. It is small wonder that communities thrive where these plantations and packing facilities operate.

At P-B-G-E-A everybody, including the company, its workers, agrarian reform beneficiaries, the communities, the national economy and even the environment is allowed a share in the banana gold.